General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions



Additional terms of contract/ November 2013


1. Offers

Offers and prices (cf. clause 2) shall be made subject to prior sale and are valid for 2 months.


2. Prices

Prices stated in offers are exclusive of VAT and packaging. Our prices are based on prevailing rates of duty, VAT, expenses on materials, pay, transport and other expenses. The right to adjustment of the price is reserved in the event of all increases prior to delivery.


3. Delivery

Delivery shall be “EXW” (INCOTERMS 2010) unless otherwise agreed between Nomo and the buyer.


4. Time for delivery

Delivery times are generally indicative. However, Nomo aims at compliance with all delivery deadlines and shall immediately inform the customer of any delay in delivery. Time of delivery runs from the date on which the final order is received by Nomo A/S, and when all information necessary for the completion of the delivery is in hand of Nomo.


5. Payment

Unless otherwise agreed in writing the entire invoice amount shall be due 20 days after the invoice. All defects and minor delays in delivery shall not warrant the withholding of any part of the payment. In the event of delayed payment, interest and charges are added. All delay in payments give Nomo A/S the right to hold back further delivery and release Nomo A/S for any other contractual rights and obligations.


6. Default notice/Remedying of defects

Defects remedied in accordance to NL 92 subject to the proviso that all expenses incurred in connection to transport, travelling, accommodation including expenses incurred in connection to dismantling and mounting shall be paid by the customer. In addition to this Nomo does not assume any liability for defects. In the assessment of whether a product sold by Nomo A/S has a defect, it is provided that the goods sold has been used in one-shift operation, and in the event, that the product has been used more intensively than expected, the warranty period is shortened accordingly.

Nomo’s obligations to remedy lack of conformity etc. under this clause and under NL 92 shall be suspended in the event of non-payment or any other default by the customers.


7. Returning of goods

Products returned are only to be accepted according to prior written agreement. A fee of at least 25% of the invoiced amount shall be charged at a minimum of DKK 400.


8. Disputes

Any dispute between Nomo A/S and the client about understanding and interpretation of the contract, which is not settled by negotiation between Nomo and the client, shall be settled by Danish Law and brought before the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen as legal venue of first instance.