The History of Nomo

Nomo A/S (Nomo Transmissions) were founded in 1890 by Carl Simonsen as Simonsen & Nielsen A/S. In 1976 the shares were sold to Smiths Industries Ltd, who sold the company to Erik Vend in 1984. Four years later in 1988 Erik Vend sold the company to Vilh. Nellermann Holding.

In 1989 the company began buying the bearing activities in B. Waage Petersen A/S and later that year, the company was renamed to Simonsen & Nielsen Industri A/S. In 1994 Simonsen & Nielsen Industri A/S were bought by Islef+Hagen A/S who changed name to Berendsen PMC A/S in 1995. The entire Scandinavian Division of Berendsen PMC A/S were sold to Dacke Hydraulic AB in the year 2000 and changed name in Denmark to PMC Technology A/S. As a consequence of the reorganization Nomo Kullager AB bought the part of PMC Technology A/S who were specialized in bearings and open drafts in June 2001.

Since September 1th 2001 Nomo Transmissions has been located on our current domicile in Smørum, Denmark. Some of the staff members has been a part of the company since the Simonsen & Nielsen company started and during all the years, bearings has been the key competence for the entire staff in the company. Employees who have been added since, all have extensive knowledge and know-how of bearings and transmissions and act as specialists.

Today the company has over 125 years of history and has sold bearings for more than 100 years including 96 years as an authorized distributor of Timken bearings. Today there are 8 employees in Denmark, 35 employees in Finland, 7 employees in Norway, 1 in China and 67 employees of Nomo Kullager AB in Sweden. The annual turnover amounts to approximately DKK 300 million.


Briefly about Nomo Kullager AB

Nomo Kullager AB is rooted in “Svenska Maskiner och Motorer” founded in 1948 in Sweden. In 1949 the name was changed to “Nordiska Maskiner och Motorer”. As the focus on bearings increased greatly over the years the name of the company renamed to Nomo Kullager AB.

1966 was the year that the office in Gothenburg opened up. In Malmö, the business opened in 1977. Nomo A/S and Nomo Kullager AB have all the years been owned by families. Now as a part of the Swedish Axel Johnson Group. Nomo Kullager AB in Sweden is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standard.

2000, Nomo was acquired by Axel Johnson International. Establishment in Denmark 2001. The first acquisition in Finland was take place 2008 followed by 2010 and 2011. Two acquisitions in Dalarna in Sweden was also take place in 2011 and a branch opened in Gällivare 2014.

2018, a logistics center opened in Shanghai, and in the same year two branches with customer receptions was acquired in the Stockholm area. In the summer of 2018, the company also entered the Norwegian market through an acquisition in Ålesund and in 2021 in Trondheim. In 2022 Nomo Industriservice starts in Gävle, Sweden.