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Voith Steel

Advanced safety couplings for rolling mills

Voith Turbo Safeset AB is the world leader in customer-specific safety coupling solutions. These technically highly advanced products are used in an extensive range of operations, including rolling mills and high-speed trains. Safety couplings are mounted in applications to protect production equipment and drive lines, to prevent damages to them and to avoid costly downtime and disruptions.



Voith Turbo Safeset works in close cooperation with Nomo, using Nomo’s multi-brand concept in full.

Nomo supplies bearings of many sizes, from a shaft diameter of 40mm up to 1,000mm. The choice of bearing depends on its intended application and purpose.


― To the extent possible, we strive to use standard bearings in our safety couplings. At the same time, each of our safety couplings is unique, so we also need customized bearings, says Head of purchasing at Voith Turbo Safeset AB.


He explains that when they get an order to construct, for example, a safety coupling to a rolling mill, they usually have 8-10 months of construction time.

― Couplings are mounted in applications where uneven power transmission may cause damage to equipment. For example, in a rolling mill, a too thick sheet of metal can cause the rollers to stop dead, which may twist the cardan to break or cause gearboxes and engines to fail". 

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