Voith Rail

Voith Rail

Advanced safety couplings for High Speed Trains

Voith Turbo Safeset AB is the world leader in customer-specific safety coupling solutions. These technically highly advanced products are used in an extensive range of operations, including high-speed trains and rolling mills. Safety couplings are mounted in applications to protect production equipment and drive lines, to prevent damages to them and to avoid costly downtime and disruptions.



Voith Turbo Safeset works in close cooperation with Nomo, using Nomo’s multi-brand concept in full.

Nomo supplies bearings of many sizes, from a shaft diameter of 40mm up to 1,000mm. The choice of bearing depends on its intended application and purpose.


― To the extent possible, we strive to use standard bearings in our safety couplings. At the same time, each of our safety couplings is unique, so we also need customized bearings, says Head of purchasing at Voith Turbo Safeset AB. For example, we use hybrid bearings with ceramic rolling elements in safety couplings for trains.


― These bearings are mounted in the drive line on the boogie. It can be about 8-10 places on a train. For a long distance high-speed train in for example China, it's not just going to a railway depot for service if there should be a problem. Therefore, when a safety coupling triggered off, the bearings must be able to spin continuously at full speed for 50 hours. We use ceramic rolling elements as common steel balls do not cope with it, but melt and smudge.

The blue detail is Voith Turbo Safeset's integrated safety coupling on a cardan shaft

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