Success for Swedish Lund Race Team

At Nomo we are proud to be part of this years team of Energy Sience Students successes, building both an electric racing vehicle and a driverless racing vehicle.  


Glad to be of help developing these cars with new technology and reliable components.  


We wish the team from Lund's University all the best in the upcoming testings and challenges in Croatia!



Letter from the team:  


13th of August, 2021  


Dearest sponsor,  


Less than one year ago, the team members of LFS21 all met each other for the first time and started reading into our new positions in the team. We were a fresh team, with very few alumni onboard, and we took on not only one nor two, but three completely new concepts. We took upon us the task to go from a combustion engine to an electrical motor, to integrate a driverless system, and go from a steel space frame to a carbon fiber monocoque.  


All of us have learnt more than we could have ever imagined and we’ve had so much fun along the way, but not without a fair share of challenges, compromises, hard work, late nights and far too many take out dinners. But as we’re sending you this email we are proudly able to tell you that WE DID IT!  


We have driven the car, and the car has driven itself.  


Our monocoque, nicknamed Tunnan (after the Swedish fighter jet SAAB 29), isn’t the sleekest you’ve seen, but will forever be loved as our first monocoque in a very long time.  


We want to take this opportunity to give a special thanks to Lund University and to all of you, our sponsors and partners. This project would not be possible for us to execute without you. We are forever grateful for your help and support, and thankful for the opportunity to work with you. Hopefully, many of you will stay onboard the project and get to know, and meet, our next team as well. Of course, we wish that we would have had covid free circumstances this year and that we would have been able to meet more of you at your companies, here, at live events and at competitions.  


But to look at it from a positive point of view: This year has demanded a focus, planning, structure, cooperation and communication like no other, and we have all noticed the invaluable lesson it came with and how much we have grown thanks to it. In a few weeks we’ll hand over the torch to the team of LFS22, and we can’t wait to see them go further than ever.  


Until then, make sure to follow our journey through Europe as we travel to Croatia on the 25th of August to test our car the FS Alpe Adria against other teams.    


Sincerely,   Vanessa Rundgren, Project Leader and Tom Laumola, Technical Leader  


University of Lund,  


Sweden Lund Formula Student Institution of the Sience of Energies