Greetings from The CEO

Greetings from The CEO


My name is Henrik Walter and I have just entered the role as CEO for Nomo Group.

Our company has developed over the years, and I am proud to have the opportunity to continue our journey. In my new role I am excited to lead the fantastic team at Nomo. With such our great group of specialists and our unique offering, I am convinced we will continue to fulfil our mission to improve the competitiveness and be the problem solver for the Nordic industry.


In the last two years, we all have experienced an overwhelming disruption in global supply chains, shortages of components and spiralling cost inflation. At Nomo we are dedicated to help you battle these ongoing, as well as future disruptions. As a technical specialist distributor, this is the core of what we do.


We now experience several new trends in European manufacturing industry that will certainly impact the requirements on us as a company and as a sustainable and reliable product and service provider to you. We therefore must continue to develop, and you will soon see several news from our group, both when it comes to our product and service offering.


Nomo is committed to make you more competitive by caring for your needs, providing specialist knowledge and an unrivalled reliable supply chain.