SSAB Bearing Repair

SSAB Bearing Repair

Make major cost savings by repairing roller bearings

-Repairing large roller bearings is cost efficient and gives considerably shorter lead times compared to replacing them with new bearings. Other benefits include less frequent unplanned production stops and a longer service life for large bearings


SSAB's planner and technician at SSAB’s central workshops in Borlänge, Sweden, has visited the factory where Timken renovating bearings.

- The quality of refurbished bearings are fully comparable with the new bearings. We have not noticed any differences in quality.

At Timken, the renovated bearing meets the same process as new manufactured bearing. By X-ray and search for cracks the quality is ensured of products leaving the factory. During renovation, Nomo also makes an in-depth injury analysis, which can reveal the cause of failures / problems in an application, which is valuable in the customer work of improvement.

- Statistics shows if there are frequent injuries, which makes it possible for us to follow up and adjust, he says. This is also an added value to renovate.

For SSAB in Borlänge, the repair of bearings generates cost savings of nearly 50 % compared to scrapping and buying new bearings.


Recycling is also an important environmental aspect

- Since SSAB is quality and environmentally certified, refurbishing bearings goes hand in hand with this. By recycling, we avoid the pressures on the environment as required in the manufacture of new bearings, says the planner and technician.



• Reduced maintenance costs

• Reduced frequency of unplanned stops

• Increased real bearing lifetime

• Shorter lead times than when switching to new bearings

• Bearing repairs are carried out by bearing specialists at Timken



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