Auto Verdi Customized Bearings

Auto Verdi Customized Bearings


Special bearings make NASCAR cars more powerful

The Swedish company Auto Verdi manufactures race car parts for customers all over the world; its products have been used in winning NASCAR cars since 2002. Nomo helped develop a special bearing used in Auto Verdi’s oil pumps


As Auto Verdi’s oil pumps increase the power of engines, they are highly coveted in the racing industry. The higher engine power is in part made possible due to a special bearing supplied by Nomo.

“No one wants to interrupt a race because of a defective oil pump,” says Vice President, co-owner and head engineer of Auto Verdi since 1996.
“Our bearings differ from regular ball bearings in that they have a protective shield that acts like a seal, preventing oil from seeping through. This makes our pumps more efficient, which in turn makes the engines more powerful,” explains the Vice President. He mentions that the company found it difficult to find a supplier of special bearings capable of meeting Auto Verdi’s requirements.


Hard to find a supplier

“Other suppliers found it difficult to maintain quality, but Nomo made it all the way. So we now have our own ball bearing that’s perfectly suited for our purposes. Nomo always meets promised delivery dates and provides excellent service,” says the Vice President.


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