Major investments show a strong belief in the future


Åbro Bryggeri is not only Sweden’s oldest family-owned brewery; it is also one of Europe’s most modern breweries. The brewery’s high-tech production plant contains the largest bottling machine in Scandinavia. Nomo has quickly become an important cooperative partner to Åbro.


“Nomo has excellent service and support, keeps its delivery dates and has high availability. In addition, it has an extensive product line and excellent prices. Ideally, we prefer to use as few suppliers as possible. Nomo is our main supplier of roller bearings, ball bearings and all kinds of seals, bushings and power transmission components, such as belts and gearboxes. Several machines in the process use stainless steel bearings, and in the conveyors, we use flanged bearings and special bearings. Even during planned maintenance, unexpected surprises may arise that need to be resolved quickly.”


Three-shift operation in five production lines means that hundreds of thousands of bottles and cans of beer, cider, water and soda are tapped every hour. Obviously, problems require quick solution to minimize a downtime. It has happened that Åbro received delivery from Nomo by taxi to make it faster. Even with a planned service, unexpected surprises may appear.


“During a machine renovation we might detect a specific bearing that we do not have in stock, not being able to see this until we have dissembled the machine. Then it’s a matter of urgency to get hold of the bearing, even Nomo solves it quickly" says Spare Part Responsible/Purchasing at Åbro.


“When we perform maintenance on a machine, we may find that we need a specific bearing that we do not have in stock. But Nomo usually resolves such situations quickly, as well,” says Spare Part Responsible/Purchasing.

Nomo has assisted the brewery with its inventory management and its maintenance system, resulting in a simplified ordering procedure and a good overview over its own inventory.


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