Smurfit Kappa

Smurfit Kappa

Smurfit Kappa is the Swedish market leader in paper-based packaging

The cooperation between Nomo and Smurfit Kappa started by Nomo presenting Simalube


60 percent of all bearing failures are caused by insufficient lubrication, either too little or too much or no lubrication at all. Smart solutions can prevent costly downtime due to insufficient lubrication. At the packaging manufacturer Smurfit Kappa in Nybro, Nomo has solved this by using Simalube lubrication system for almost 60 critical lubrication points.

Smurfit Kappa

Smurfit Kappa is the Swedish market leader in paper-based packaging. They cover the entire chain from paper to the design and production of popular, practical and innovative packaging and products in well cardboard and solid board. In Sweden, the Group has 1,400 employees at 15 production sites. Across the world, the Group has approximately 41,000 employees in 32 countries.


In all industrial productions, there are lots of applications that require regular lubrication. Often it can be thousands of lubrication points in just one single company. Improper lubrication can significantly reduce the life of rolling bearings and lead to costly repairs of expensive equipment, says Nomo's MRO Salesman in Malmö. If you solve this by regular and controlled lubrication, it will extend the life of the components, minimizing the risk of downtime and also lead to reduced maintenance costs.

World Patent

Nomo started selling Simalube lubrication systems on the Swedish market in the end of 2012. A both cost effective and flexible system that can be used for automatic lubrication of a variety of applications. Through a worldwide patent, Simalube secures that applications are automatically lubricated around the clock and ensures high reliability and precise amount of lubricant to critical lubrication points.

Key Customer Benefits

The responsible person for the lubrication of Smurfit Kappa in Nybro says  - The savings we make by using Simalube lubrication system is that we primarily minimizes the risk of damage to engines and machines. As some lubrication now only requires supervision, we also expect to reduced maintenance costs and can free up more time and resources for other tasks, he continues.

Much to gain

Having control over the entire lubrication in the company's production is a very complex task. - On our corrugated packaging machine for example, we have a lot of lubrication points. It is important to have control on how much fat and oil that should be used, it must be daily or weekly lubrication. All lubrication should also be reported in the system we use. If lubrication can be done automatically instead of manually, there is a lot to win. Advantages of an automated system as Simalube is that the lubrication will not be forgotten, which can lead to costly downtime, he says

Began a partnership

The cooperation between Smurfit Kappa and Nomo started by Nomo's MRO sales person presenting Simalube. Shortly thereafter, he was contacted by lubrication responsible person at Smurfit Kappa, who wanted to consult with him on a solution. It was about lubrication of fan motors and housings outdoors on the factory roof. Today they had to go up and lubricate in all weathers and it could very often be both snowing and blowing ten meter per second, which makes it risky. - In production, we have a number of lubrication points that are difficult to access and sought a solution that can handle them relatively self, says lubrication responsible. The fans on the roof is one example. These are critical lubrication points and it's hard to come up on the roof especially in winter. In October the lubtrication from SimaLube was mounted. We've added 12 lubrication points in a program and use four different sizes of Simalube container so that changes can occur at the same time to avoid running on the roof all too often, says the sales person. Lubrication responsible stresses that it has worked flawlessly and now I only have to change the tank every six months.


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