Saw mill article

Saw mill article

Robust pillow blocks for particularly harsh and contaminated environments

By supplying Timken’s Cylindrical solid-block housed Roller Bearing units, Nomo is able to offer industries bearings with outstanding capacity.

“We used to replace standard cast-iron pillow blocks every 3–4 months. If this interval can be doubled, then this means a considerable gain,” says the mechanic in charge of maintenance at the Derome sawmill.

All industries depend on optimally functioning pillow blocks. It is particularly important to use robust, hardwearing and properly sealed bearings under harsh operational conditions in demanding environments. This unit was designed to eliminate various problems that may otherwise arise and can replace most traditional pillow block units.

The pillow blocks can also be used within all industries that operate in difficult and contaminated environments.

“We focus on three important areas: the pillow blocks have a properly thought-out steel design and improved sealing, which used to be a weak point for these kinds of bearings. Also, the locking mechanism enables quicker mounting with exact precision,” says the sales representative at Nomo in Gothenburg.

“It can be difficult to mount a regular adapter sleeve correctly on a standard pillow block*, continues the sales representative at Nomo in Borlänge. Timken has solved this by using a patented locking style that replaces the traditional adapter sleeve. The sleeve can now only be tightened until the proper radial play is achieved in the bearing, which means that it can’t be tightened too firmly or too loosely.”

In the US and Canada, Timken these units has shown excellent results compared to traditional pillow blocks for several years. The sawmill industry is a new major customer group.

“Most importantly, our customers emphasise that the pillow blocks are more robust and can be mounted more quickly than traditional pillow blocks,” Nomos sales representative in Borlänge concludes.

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