Barrel Washer - Documented Cost Saving

Barrel Washer - Documented Cost Saving

Cost saving of € 56,600 on Barrel washer for vegetables cleaning


A producer of machine for vegetable treatment was experiencing problems on its barrel washers. With the rotation of the washer drum, bearings were under water once per rotation. Due to water washout and corrosion, it was necessary to replace the bearings installed every 3 months. This involved high costs. NSK engineers investigated the problem and offered Triple-Lip Sealed Bearings. This solution resulted in a significant lifetime extension to more than 7 months.


Key Facts


• Barrel washer for vegetables cleaning
• Water washout and corrosion
• Bearing replacement every 3 months
• NSK Solution: Triple-Lip Sealed Inserts
• Lifetime improvement from 3 months to over 7 months
• Significant reduction in bearing replacement and maintenance costs achieved


Background Information


• Sector: Food and Beverage
• Country: Poland

• End-product: Vegetables
• Application: Barrel Washer
• Number of machines: 15
• Approx. Lifetime: 3 months
• Problem: Water washout and corrosion  


Value Proposals


• NSK engineers investigated the problem and proposed a bearing solution providing a better sealing performance
• The bearings were replaced with special triple-lip sealed bearings
• Triple-lip sealed inserts are perfect for applications where bearings are exposed to water contamination
• The customer benefited from an increase of bearing lifetime and a reduction in maintenance cost


Product Features


• Nitrile rubber triple lip, bonded to protective pressed steel shield
• Available for both setscrews and eccentric locking collar insert options
• Large size range offered, including imperial options
• Inserts interchangeable with standard items
• Longer bearing life through superior seal performance
• Extended relubrication intervals, greatly reducing maintenance costs and increased productivity of machinery
• Simple implementation; ready replacement for existing bearing units
• Mounting on the shaft with balled setscrew, providing much greater resistance to loosening